Virtual mental health care for kids & teens

From trouble sleeping, bullying or cyberbullying, & body image; to ADHD, depression, & anxiety — whatever your kids are facing, Brightline’s therapists, psychiatrists, & coaches are here to help.

Have questions about your coverage or which care is right for you? Call (888) 236-2332 to speak with a Brightline team member about our services (M-F 8am-9pm local time). Available nationwide.

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Support your child’s well-being

Kids and teens need mental health support more than ever before. Brightline’s experts will work with you to provide personalized coaching or therapy support for your kids and teens.

With Brightline, you get:

  • Fast access to personalized trustworthy support

  • Video visits with therapists & coaches from the comfort of your home

  • One-stop digital platform to manage care and schedule video visits

  • Resources including sessions for parents & caregivers to better help their kids

*Brightline is available to all Amazon employees and members of their household aged 0- 17 years old. It covers up to five (5) coaching and/or therapy sessions per eligible member per issue, per year, at no cost to the employee. If you want to continue your care, you may get additional coverage from your health insurance (Out of pocket costs vary).

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Created by parents, for parents

Your trusted partner in parenting

We'll work with you to get personalized care for any challenge your family faces

Care from experts you can trust

Our therapists, psychiatrists, and coaches all have years of experience helping kids, teens and families.

Our child and adolescent therapists and psychiatrists are licensed mental health experts with master’s and medical degrees, respectively.

Our behavioral health coaches have a master’s degree in a psychology-related field or a bachelor’s degree with a coaching certification.

All our therapists use a proven method called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and our coaching programs are guided by CBT.

Online therapy or coaching session

Your family’s care — all in one place

Use our one-stop digital platform to track progress, manage appointments, & check out expert-backed resources. And parents can have sessions too to support their kids!

Virtual video visits are available M-F, 9am-6pm local time, and we work with your schedule. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes, therapy sessions are 55 minutes, and coach chat is available to you on your time.

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Getting started is easy

It’s okay if you don’t know what the right care is for your child — our team will recommend the right type of care and will support you every step of the way.

During sign up, we’ll ask you a couple questions about your kids & teens, then match you with a dedicated coach. Your coach will be available right away to help schedule your first appointment.


Brightline offers virtual mental health coaching and therapy for families with kids and teens ages 0 to 17 years old. Brightline’s expert team of coaches, therapists, and prescribers offer live sessions for your child to support a broad spectrum of needs.

When you sign up for Brightline, your family will have immediate access to confidential care and resources for parents and caregivers to support their kids’ mental well-being, including: 

  • Connect+ Membership: Serves as a digital front door to direct families to the right care based on validated clinical assessments. You also have access to an expanded content library plus group classes and on-demand chat with a personal Brightline Coach.

  • Coaching: Skills-based programs led by expert mental health coaches to help children and teens through everyday challenges in 30-minute sessions.

  • Care: Personalized care via video visit with child and adolescent psychologists, psychiatrists, and other specialists to help with common conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, disruptive behavior, and more.

This benefit is available to all Amazon employees and members of their households, including children who are aged 0 to 17 years. It covers up to 5 coaching and/or therapy sessions per eligible member per issue per year at no cost to the employee.

In addition, Amazonians in the U.S. enrolled in Cigna, Aetna or Premera medical plans through Amazon can avail Brightline as a covered benefit once the 5 sessions per issue per eligible member are exhausted for coaching and therapy. Medication management may also be covered by these medical plans. Standard cost share will apply when medical plan coverage is used. Brightline will check and confirm eligibility when members sign up.

Brightline supports kids and teens ages 0-17 and their families, with care tailored to their unique needs.

In coaching, for kids ages 0-5 we mainly work with parents and caregivers to build their skills to manage emerging challenges and create a supportive environment that encourages healthy development in their children, and for ages 6-17 we both work directly with kids and teens as well as parents and caregivers to learn strategies to cope with challenges as well as build strengths and resilience as they grow.

Behavioral therapy and medication support, including diagnostic evaluations and treatment, are available for kids ages 2-17 for therapy and 6-17 for medication management to manage more complex, higher acuity challenges that are deeply impacting the child’s daily functioning.

Teens who turn 18 while in our care will continue to receive support as appropriate and providers will create a transition plan for their next chapter.

Coaching deals with behaviors or emotions that your child is experiencing in shorter, focused sessions. Expert behavioral health coaches teach new skills that address things like separation anxiety or tantrums. Coaches then practice these skills with the child, motivating them to work towards positive change and reaching their goals.

In therapy, the therapist or psychologist and your child work together to look at behaviors and emotions and then try to understand the root cause of them. By asking bigger "why" questions and diving into the past, symptoms can be identified and reduced. Therapy is also used to assess, diagnose, and treat more severe or complex conditions.

All Brightline coaches hold a master’s degree in a psychology-related field or a bachelor’s degree with a coaching certification and have 5+ years of experience working with children, teens, and families. All Brightline therapists are licensed mental health professionals with a master’s degree and are highly trained to support children, teens, and families.

Yes. One recent survey showed that 85% of parents who had a child participating in virtual behavioral health services said their child benefited from that care. We know that for some kids and teens, it’s not always easy to talk to someone new about their challenges or feelings. Kids often feel more relaxed and open to sharing from the comfort and privacy of their home.

For more information about mental health benefits available through your medical plan, contact Resources for Living (RFL) 24/7 at or 1-833-721-2323 to speak with a Care Partner.

I often feel like a failure as a parent, but Brightline has been giving me hope that it can get better.

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Meet some of our care team

With years of experience supporting kids & teens, our diverse care team can meet your family where you are

Dr. David Grodberg
David Grodberg, MD

Chief Psychiatric Officer

President of Brightline Medical Associates

Dad of 2

Kyleigh klein
Kyleigh Klein, LMHC, MA

Behavioral Therapist

Mom of 1

Kendra headshot
Kendra Read, PhD

Vice President of Therapy

Mom of 2

Dorothy Loren
Dorothy Loren, PhD

Senior Clinical Manager

Mom of 1

Charlene Montgomery, MS, Certified Life Coach
Charlene Montgomery, MS, Certified Life Coach

Senior Behavioral Health Coach

Mom of 1

Irene Smith
Irene Biscante, NBC-HWC

Vice President of Coaching

Mom of 3

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