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Our Approach

Evidence-based care that moves kids forward

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Care that works for kids and families

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3xincreased effectiveness of behavioral health care when involving parents or caregivers with their children0

40%decrease in parent stress associated with training programs that help them manage behavioral health0

84%of parents who used virtual behavioral health services for their child reported significant improvement in symptoms0

We’ve built care that’s right for kids

Personalizing care for every age

Personalizing care for every age

With programs for toddlers through teens (18 months-17 years old), we provide the right support for where they are

Bringing in parents and caregivers

Bringing in parents and caregivers

We engage and support families from care planning to progress tracking — leading to less stress and better outcomes

Pulling it all together

Pulling it all together

With multidisciplinary care teams and helping to share updates with pediatricians and schools, we make sure everyone is on the same page

What makes Brightline different

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Multidisciplinary care teams

Multidisciplinary care teams

Families can access care from coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists who all work together

Family-focused support

Family-focused support

We provide resources for parents, ongoing support, and progress updates so they know how their child is doing

Evidence-based, dyadic care delivery

Evidence-based, dyadic care delivery

We use evidence-based programs, delivered by highly trained care teams with extensive experience working with families

Elegant, seamless experience

Elegant, seamless experience

Our app for families gives them access to support whenever and wherever they need it

It’s only been a few sessions, and my child is already starting to recognize when their anxious thoughts might be ‘false alarms.’

Brightline Member

Our care team leadership

  • David Grodberg, MD

    David Grodberg, MD

    Chief Psychiatric Officer

    Dad of 2

  • Dorothy Loren, PhD

    Dorothy Loren, PhD

    Senior Clinical Manager

  • Irene Biscante Smith, NBC-HWC

    Irene Biscante Smith, NBC-HWC

    Head of Coaching

    Mom of 3

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