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Virtual mental health support for kids & teens

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Finding trustworthy care for your kids & teens is overwhelming — Brightline makes it easy. Here's the support you can get from our mental health experts, covered by insurance:

  • Video visits with experts within days

  • Online child therapy & coaching for kids and teens

  • One-stop digital platform to manage care

  • Resources and support for parents & caregivers

*Brightline’s services are health benefits for children (18mo - 18yr) who are enrolled under your health plan, covered by insurance. Eligibility will be determined upon signing up. Deductibles and copays apply.

Meet Brightline

Created by parents, for parents

Your trusted partner in parenting

Online therapy or coaching session

Evidence-based care from experts you can trust

Our child therapists and psychiatrists are licensed mental health experts with master’s and medical degrees, respectively.

Our behavioral health coaches hold a master’s degree in a psychology-related field or a bachelor’s degree with a certification in coaching, and have 5+ years of experience working with kids, teens, and families.

All our therapists practice evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and our coaching programs are CBT-guided.

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Your family’s care — all in one place

Use our one-stop digital platform to track progress, manage appointments, & check out expert-backed resources. And we provide support for parents too!

Virtual video visits are available M-F, 9am-6pm local time, and we work with your schedule. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes, therapy sessions are 55 minutes, and coach chat is available to you on your time.

Getting started is easy

It’s okay if you don’t know what the right care is for your kid — our team will support you every step of the way.

During sign up, we’ll ask you a couple questions about your kids & teens, then match you with a dedicated coach. Your coach will be available right away to help schedule your first appointment.

Why parents love Brightline

I often feel like a failure as a parent, but Brightline has been giving me hope that it can get better.

Brightline member

Meet some of our care team

  • David Grodberg, MD

    David Grodberg, MD

    • Chief Psychiatric Officer
    • President of Brightline Medical Associates
    • Dad of 2
  • Kyleigh Klein, LMHC, MA

    Kyleigh Klein, LMHC, MA

    • Behavioral Therapist
    • Mom of 1
  • Kendra Read, PhD

    Kendra Read, PhD

    • Vice President of Therapy
    • Mom of 2
  • Dorothy Loren, PhD

    Dorothy Loren, PhD

    • Senior Clinical Manager
    • Mom of 1
  • Charlene Montgomery, MS, Certified Life Coach

    Charlene Montgomery, MS, Certified Life Coach

    • Senior Behavioral Health Coach
    • Mom of 1
  • Irene Biscante Smith, NBC-HWC

    Irene Biscante Smith, NBC-HWC

    • Head of Coaching
    • Mom of 3
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Ready to get started?

Sign up takes just a few minutes, and video visits with therapists & coaches are available within days.