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What makes Brightline’s autism spectrum disorder program unique? Our focus on early intervention

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Brightline team

Apr 1, 2024

Now more than ever, kids, parents, and caregivers need support. Many families who could benefit from behavioral health resources can’t access what they need because of availability, location, or financial barriers. It’s no surprise that many parents are stressed — to the point of leaving or planning to leave their jobs in order to care for their kids.

For parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the challenges can be even greater. Limited screening, provider shortages, expensive services, and unclear referral pathways all come together to prevent more than half of kids with severe ASD from receiving any behavioral health interventions at all. 

Which is why we’ve created specific content and coaching programs to support families who need help navigating ASD.

Our structured coaching programs are for parents and caregivers of kids between the ages of 18 months and 6 years who have ASD. Research shows early intervention programs involving parents or caregivers are more effective for reducing the symptoms of autism. 

Programs like Brightline’s can serve as a lifeline to families waiting for an autism diagnosis or treatment program, as well as supporting families who have already been diagnosed or who are in treatment.

Content and coaching programs emphasize social communication and skills, play, daily activities, and executive functioning. These programs are delivered by video visit with parents and caregivers, and bolstered by on-demand resources that support families between sessions and beyond.

Each family receives a personalized, interactive care plan tailor-made to fit the needs and lifestyle of parents and kids, eliminating any barriers to care. All care plans are evidence-based and proven to improve outcomes. Ongoing assessments measure progress and guide any necessary changes along the way.

“Families of children with ASD need accessible professional advocates that can provide evidence-based, concrete strategies for activities of daily living. Supporting parents of children with ASD is paramount to the overall well-being of the family. Brightline coaches connect families to other multidisciplinary and coordinated care within Brightline, to ensure that every child’s needs, which can change over time, are met by the appropriate professionals.”