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Care providers everywhere are not alright

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Providers are

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Feeling burnt out

Delivering care is challenging in and of itself. The pandemic has only made it harder on providers.

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Craving support

They want to be set up for success when it comes to doing what they do best: improving the lives of their clients.

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Looking for benefits

Clinicians are seeking comprehensive benefits that meet them where they’re at.

We hear you, and we have your back

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Find community & support

Our model is designed to help you be and do your best: from community and mentorship, to admin support — we’ve got you covered.

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Access comprehensive benefits

Brightline offers benefits for personal wellness, generous PTO, and competitive comp packages — all in line with the valuable and impactful work you do.

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Focus on your passion

The Brightline care model is built specifically for kids and teens, which means you can focus on delivering care for the population you’re passionate about — no distractions.

A Brightline experience

What's different about working at Brightline?

What therapists and coaches are saying about Brightline

Brightline is in a position to move mountains for the benefit of pediatric behavioral health. We’re at the beginning of something that has a chance to create new models for how we care for and support the mental health needs of children and teens. I’m so excited to be a part of that.

Honora Einhorn, MSW, LCSW, MA, Senior Manager, Therapy

The benefits of joining the Brightline team as a therapist

Generous paid time off so you can recharge
Options for setting your own schedule
CEU credit and cross-licensing costs taken care of
Built-in expert clinical community to lean on
Mentorship and professional development opportunities
Admin support so you can focus on what you do best

Care team spotlight

Meet Kyleigh Klein, LMHC, MA

Meet Kyleigh Klein, LMHC, MA

"Brightline was the clear next step for me. What attracted me here is that we really work with the whole family. For youths, the family dynamic is crucial, so it was immensely important to me to find a place that works with the LGBTQ+ population to provide affirming care not just with kids but their parents and caregivers as well."

Read Kyleigh's therapist spotlight on our blog here.


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