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Get support for the daily challenges and build skills that can help your child thrive in as few as four weeks

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We get by with a little help from our Brightline Coach

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Brightline Coaching gives you access to support for everything from tantrums that won’t quit to big worries and anxiety — so that your daily life can feel way less stressful.

  • 30-minute sessions
  • Parent coaching for those with young kids
  • Programs for kids and teens

It's only been a few sessions, and my child is already starting to recognize when their anxious thoughts might be ‘false alarms.’

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Is Coaching or Therapy right for your family?

Brightline Coaching

$60 per session
30-minute sessions

  • 1:1 video visits with an expert behavioral health coach
  • Focused on skill-building for everyday challenges
  • Programs to help families tackle anxiety, stress, disorganization, and more

Brightline Therapy

$180 per session
50-minute sessions

  • 1:1 video visits with licensed therapists and psychologists
  • Personalized care for common conditions including anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Medication support when needed, paired with therapy for better outcomes

Get the right support for your family

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AGE 6-17


Getting organized and on track

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AGE 6-17


Dealing with stressful days

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AGE 4-9


Upping social-emotional skills

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AGE 3-5


Big worries and scary stuff

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AGE 3-5


Tantrums that just won’t quit

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AGE 12-17


Feeling “off” or down on themself

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