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Supporting teams starts with their families

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1 in 5

children have a diagnosed behavioral health need and 80% won’t get the care they need



of parents say that their child’s mental health is more important than their own



of Brightline parents or caregivers reported their children’s anxiety showed significant clinical improvement


In-network with major health plans and employers

...& more! Brightline is available nationwide through select plan sponsors for qualified Aetna® members under 18 years of age. Brightline services are covered according to your Aetna® medical plan and are subject to copay or coinsurance (after deductible).

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Why should you partner with Brightline?

Get them care that works

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<p>On-demand chat, content, and resources in our app</p>

On-demand chat, content, and resources in our app

<p>Confidential video visits with therapists and other clinicians</p>

Confidential video visits with therapists and other clinicians

<p>Skills-based coaching programs for common challenges</p>

Skills-based coaching programs for common challenges

<p>Evidence-based, personalized care plans and progress tracking</p>

Evidence-based, personalized care plans and progress tracking

Help your clients thrive

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Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Bring your clients a solution that helps lower working parent and caregiver stress and frees up their time

Improve retention

Improve retention

Help clients support working families so they can feel engaged and happy at work

Track outcomes

Track outcomes

Show clients what’s working for their team with our regular measurement and progress tracking

Let us do the work

Let us do the work

We’ll implement seamlessly into your clients’ vendor ecosystem in fewer than eight weeks

I felt so lost and unsupported after my child's diagnosis, and was looking for services for two months, but everywhere was either not taking new patients or had ridiculous waitlists. I am so grateful that Brightline was willing to help us.

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Flexible support for every family


On-the-go access to content on whatever concerns are coming up for their child or teen, interactive exercises, and chat with coaches for tips and guidance as families need it.


Skills-based 1:1 sessions with expert behavioral health coaches to help families navigate everyday challenges.


Care from expert therapists and psychiatrists for everything from anxiety and depression to school stress, ADHD, or behavior challenges.

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