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Improve access with Brightline, the first comprehensive behavioral health solution designed just for kids and teens

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1 in 5children have a diagnosed behavioral health need but 80% are not getting the care they need 1

10xincreased likelihood families more likely to go out-of-network for pediatric behavioral health care than primary care 2

30%increase of emergency department visits for pediatric behavioral health from last year 3

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Improve outcomes with personalized pediatric care

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Multidisciplinary care teams specializing in pediatric behavioral health

Family-focused support to engage parents and caregivers across a range of needs

Evidence-based, dyadic care delivery and systems of measurement 3x more likely to have positive outcomes

Elegant, seamless experience with telehealth visits and a robust member app to support families between sessions

Flexible support for every family

Bring families the right care, when and where works for them

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On-the-go access to content on whatever concerns are coming up for their child or teen, interactive exercises, and chat with coaches for tips and guidance as families need it


Skills-based programs with expert behavioral health coaches for families who may not need clinical care, but could use some support for everyday stressors


Care from expert therapists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists for everything from anxiety and depression to school stress, ADHD, or behavior challenges

High-quality care for everyone

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Multidisciplinary Care Delivery

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Evidence-Based Protocols

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I felt so lost and unsupported after my child's diagnosis, and was looking for services for two months, but everywhere was either not taking new patients or had ridiculous waitlists. I am so grateful that Brightline was willing to help us.

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