4 must-haves for a pediatric behavioral health benefit

The benefits of offering pediatric behavioral health care to your workforce are numerous — so long as they truly provide a modernized, comprehensive solution that addresses the central problems working parents face today: long waitlists, high costs, low quality of care, and stigma. Download our checklist to learn about what you should look for in a pediatric behavioral health benefit.

checklist pediatric behavioral health benefit

Finding the right benefit for your team

How can leaders ensure that the benefit they’re providing truly supports their team members? What services and features are most important for employees with children? This checklist outlines the four key criteria to consider when choosing a pediatric behavioral health benefit for your workforce.

Get the checklist to learn:

  • Why multidisciplinary teams are vital for pediatric behavioral health

  • The important role parents and caregivers play in supporting treatment

  • Why care must adapt to children’s rapidly changing needs