Addressing bullying in and outside the workplace

Workplace bullying can have a long-term impact on employee mental health, causing anxiety, depression, and a loss of self-esteem. Bullying also extends far beyond the workplace; working parents and caregivers are often tasked with navigating the effects of bullying on their children. In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month in October, learn how employers can help employees cope with the impact of bullying and support their family’s behavioral health needs.

Addressing bullying in and outside the workplace

The impact of bullying

While we like to think of childhood as carefree and simple, children are often the target of unwanted comments, insults and verbal abuse by their peers. The same is true of adults in the workplace. This guide offers solutions to help you meet the needs of your employees who may be direct or indirect targets of bullying.

Download the guide to learn:

  • How bullying impacts employees and the workplace

  • Why working parents and caregivers need help to address bullying

  • What employers can do to support employees affected by bullying