Brightline program is highly effective in reducing children’s disruptive behavior

Many parents and caregivers of children with disruptive behavior disorder suffer from lost productivity and lower quality of life but can’t find affordable, accessible behavioral health interventions that produce lasting results. Brightline’s pediatric behavioral health solution was created to break down these barriers to effective care, and our clinical results show it’s highly effective in helping families manage pediatric disruptive behavior disorder.

Brightline disruptive behavior outcomes summary

About the summary

Brightline’s comprehensive model of pediatric behavioral care — which includes digital lessons, virtual clinical care, and support for the whole family — provides reliable clinical improvements for reducing children’s disruptive behavior.

The summary shows:

  • 100% of children whose parents or caregivers completed Brightline’s parent behavior training program showed significant clinical improvement from disruptive behavior disorder

  • 80% of parents or caregivers reported their children’s disruptive behavior improved significantly