Supporting your employees through the back-to-school season

This fall, kids and teens are facing many new challenges, from relearning to socialize in-person to adjusting to new classroom routines. As a result, working parents and caregivers will require extra support to help their children adapt and adjust as schools reopen. How can employers help employees with children during this tricky season? What can HR leaders do to help working parents and caregivers support their families and remain productive, both at home and at work?

Brightline back-to-school guide for employers

What working families experience as children return to school

The back-to-school period is often a challenging time, but working parents and caregivers are extra anxious for their children this fall semester. This guide provides solutions to help you anticipate the needs of your team to improve employee satisfaction and retain talent.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why this back-to-school season is uniquely complicated for working parents and caregivers

  • What challenges are coming up for children and adolescents as they return to the classroom

  • How employers can support their team members with kids during this transitional time