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What you get when you join Brightline

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On-the-go access to content on whatever concerns are coming up for their child or teen, interactive exercises, and chat with coaches for tips and guidance as families need it.


Skills-based 1:1 sessions with expert behavioral health coaches to help families navigate everyday challenges.


Care from expert therapists and psychiatrists for everything from anxiety and depression to school stress, ADHD, or behavior challenges.

In-network with major health plans and employers

...& more! Brightline is available nationwide through select plan sponsors for qualified Aetna® members under 18 years of age. Brightline services are covered according to your Aetna® medical plan and are subject to copay or coinsurance (after deductible).

What makes Brightline different

All the support you need in one place
An expert team that gets you answers and the right care
On-demand support and no long wait list
Go-to team and supportive community
Evidence-based care that moves your child forward

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With coaching programs to help with everyday challenges, therapy for common childhood conditions, and a digital platform, Connect, for support on-the-go, we’re here to help families thrive.

  • No wait list

  • Video visits with expert therapists and coaches

  • Programs proven to work for kids and teens

  • Support for parents and caregivers, too

Our care team leadership

  • David Grodberg, MD

    David Grodberg, MD

    • Chief Psychiatric Officer
    • President of Brightline Medical Associates
    • Dad of 2
  • Dorothy Loren, PhD

    Dorothy Loren, PhD

    • Senior Clinical Manager
    • Mom of 1
  • Irene Biscante Smith, NBC-HWC

    Irene Biscante Smith, NBC-HWC

    • Head of Coaching
    • Mom of 3

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For Families

Get support for whatever tough stuff you’re dealing with, from a care team who will always have your back.

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For Employers & Plans

Bring extraordinary behavioral health support to children and families, when and where they need it.

Get tips and resources for your family

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Brighter days ahead

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