Virtual mental health care for kids & teens

Whether it’s virtual therapy, psychiatry, or coaching — Brightline works with employers and major insurers nationwide to get your family affordable, accessible support. Chat with an expert within minutes and schedule a video visit within days.

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Support for every stage

AGES 0-5


Coaching for parents

We support parents as they manage tantrums, sleep, separation anxiety, and more.

Infants and Toddlers
AGES 6-12


Coaching or therapy

We support kids with school transitions, bullying, building social-emotional skills, and more.

Ages 13-17


Coaching or therapy

We support teens struggling with common concerns like body image, self-confidence, anxiety, and more.


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What’s included in your Brightline membership

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Fast access to personalized support

Chat with a mental health expert and schedule video visits within days.

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Evidence-based care from experts

Our providers have years of experience working with kids of all ages.

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Resources for parents and caregivers

We’ll monitor your stress levels and keep you updated.

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Access to our one-stop digital platform

Track progress, appointments, and read expert-backed articles all in one place.

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How is coaching different than therapy?

Hear from our parents & caregivers

In just a few weeks, my son has learned some important and useful skills to manage his anxiety. His therapist is supportive, engaging, and paces the therapy in a way that helps my son feel successful.

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Questions from parents like you

Brightline was created for parents by parents who get it. Our team of licensed therapists and expert behavioral health coaches have years of experience doing evidence-based work with kids and teens of all ages. We’ll also keep you informed on your family’s progress, ensure your information is secure, and personalize your care plan — both from the start and as your child’s needs evolve.

We provide personalized coaching, therapy, and medication management. Our sessions are held via video visit, and you have access to a secure website and app where you can track progress, make and see appointments, and access expert-backed resources. Brightline’s therapists and coaches are available Monday-Friday, 9 AM–6 PM local time.

Coaching deals with behaviors or emotions that your child is experiencing in shorter, focused sessions. Expert behavioral health coaches teach new skills that address things like separation anxiety or tantrums. Coaches then practice these skills with the child, motivating them to work towards positive change and reaching their goals.

In therapy, the therapist or psychologist and your child work together to look at behaviors and emotions and then try to understand the root cause of them. By asking bigger "why" questions and diving into the past, symptoms can be identified and reduced. Therapy is also used to assess, diagnose, and treat more severe or complex conditions.

It depends. Brightline partners with health plans and employers nationwide. For most of our members, Brightline is covered by their employer or insurance — with no referrals needed.

We accept insurance from employers and health plans such as Premera, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. Our Member Support team can help verify whether Brightline is covered by your insurance. If Brightline isn't covered by your insurance, your family can still access all that Brightline has to offer.

Our Member Support team can provide you with information to submit to your insurance, HSA, or FSA. Call 888-224-7332 to speak with a Member Support specialist.