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Our pricing & insurance

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Navigating your insurance

Understanding your policy

Every insurance policy is different—some will cover all or some of Brightline’s services, while others may not cover behavioral health care. It’s a good idea to read your policy closely and call your insurance provider to understand what they will or will not cover.

They can also tell you what specific steps you need to take for reimbursement if services are covered. We’ll help you know what to ask your insurance company so you know what to expect.

Submitting a claim for reimbursement

We’ll set you up with what you need

When you join Brightline, you’ll have the support of our Care Navigator team who will set you up with the right documentation. After you’ve completed and paid for a session, we’ll share a “superbill” that has all the information you need to submit to your insurance provider.

Submit your claim

While every insurance provider is different, most make it easy to submit a claim online or by completing and mailing in a paper form. Go to your insurance provider’s website, log into your member portal, search for “submit a claim” and follow their instructions.

What comes next

After you’ve submitted your claim, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (or EOB) from your insurance provider. This will describe what services or portion of services were covered by your insurance plan. You will then receive payment directly to you from your insurance provider, usually as a paper check in the mail.

Need more help?

Download the Reimbursify app on your phone, create an account, search for your Brightline clinician, and file your claim. For a small fee, Reimbursify will take care of following up with your insurance provider and keep you in the loop with updates directly through the app. The first claim you file with them is free.

Our pricing

  • Coaching Programs

    $60per session

  • Behavior Therapy

    $180per session

  • Speech Therapy

    $180per session*

  • Medication Support

    $190per session*

*Starts with an evaluation of $270 then moves to weekly sessions

Is Coaching or Therapy right for your family?

Brightline Coaching

$60 per session
30-minute sessions

  • 1:1 video visits with an expert behavioral health coach
  • Focused on skill-building for everyday challenges
  • Programs to help families tackle anxiety, stress, disorganization, and more

Brightline Therapy

$180 per session
50-minute sessions

  • 1:1 video visits with licensed therapists and psychologists
  • Personalized care for common conditions including anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Medication support when needed, paired with therapy for better outcomes