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Personalized tips, resources, and chat with a Brightline Coach

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Live sessions with coaches to help kids and teens with common challenges

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Access to licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and others

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Start with Connect, our app, where you can access videos, interactive exercises, tips and guides, and chat with a coach anytime

  • On-demand chat with a coach

  • Resources for parents and caregivers

  • Exercises for help between sessions

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Explore our programs that help kids and teens build skills around topics like managing stress and anxious thoughts, getting on track with school, boosting confidence, and much more.

  • 30-minute sessions with behavioral health coaches

  • Parent/caregiver coaching (with kids ages 3-5)

  • Programs for kids and teens (6-17)

  • 1:1 coaching sessions for caregivers throughout your child’s care

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When you might need more support, our licensed clinicians help kids and teens manage anxiety, depression, behavior issues, ADHD, and other common conditions

  • Behavioral therapy (ages 6-17)

  • 1:1 therapist sessions for caregivers throughout your child’s care

  • Evaluation and medication support (ages 6-17)

It was so helpful hearing that others are going through similar situations and feeling that you are part of a bigger group and not alone!

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Access self-guided content and interactive exercises for working through everyday challenges - on your own time, right from your device

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