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Bring no-cost behavioral health support to families in your community

In partnership with the State of California, Brightline created BrightLife Kids to bring behavioral health coaching to every family with kids ages 0–12. California pays 100%, which means there's no cost to the families — or to you.

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Together, we can get more kids and families the care they need now

1 in 5

1 in 5 kids has a diagnosed behavioral health need and many more are navigating challenges that get in the way of day-to-day life


80% of families can't access the care they need because of provider shortages, location, or financial barriers


75% of kids showed significant overall improvement after receiving care through our virtual coaching programs

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Expert care from experienced, diverse coaches

Flexible care, right from home

Live, 1:1 video sessions with behavioral health experts with extended hours to accommodate school and work schedules.

Trained, high-quality coaches

All of our coaches receive professional inclusivity and cultural competency training. Many of them speak both English and Spanish, come from diverse backgrounds, and have experience working with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Simple, quick access to personalized care

Each family works with a dedicated coach, so there’s no starting over each session. Live coaching sessions are available within days and parents or caregivers can send a secure chat or access digital resources anytime.

Guidance from experts

We work with families to understand their unique needs and ensure they get the right level of support for their child — whether that’s through our coaching programs or by connecting them with community resources.

Refer a child to BrightLife Kids

Early intervention can make a big difference when it comes to the mental health of a child. If you know of a family who could benefit from our coaching programs and resources, you can refer them directly to us. We’ll reach out to the parents or caregivers, and if interested, they’ll get onboarded quickly and set up to receive care. 

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Ready to bring BrightLife Kids to the families in your organization?

We are, too.

We’re committed to making sure as many California families as possible know about our no-cost coaching programs for kids. 

Schools, community-based organizations, statewide associations, and others are helping us spread the word — and we would love to get you involved, too! 

Get in touch today to receive our materials, schedule a virtual or in-person visit from a Community Engagement rep, or find out about attending a local event to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Coaching through BrightLife Kids is 100% free for every California child ages 0–12 years old and their parents or caregivers. The State of California has fully funded this program, which is why it’s free for families. 

Therapy is not included as part of the free BrightLife Kids coaching program. Therapy is recommended for kids who require close monitoring for safety reasons, have been struggling for a long time, or have more complex challenges that are significantly impacting their day-to-day life. The cost of therapy may be lower if it is covered by insurance. If you have insurance and therapy is recommended for your child, we can help you find out if therapy is covered.

The partnership between BrightLife Kids and the State of California will last for several years — and the program will be free to every California family with kids ages 0–12 for the length of that partnership. The California Department of Health Care Services is working to extend BrightLife Kids beyond that time.

No. There is no limit to the number of coaching sessions.. Families will typically schedule weekly sessions to reach their goals, but this can vary based on the child’s needs. BrightLife Kids is designed to be a short-term support system — our goal is to teach kids and their families the skills that they need now, so they are empowered to help themselves in the future.

Coaching sessions are typically 30 minutes long.

There is no limit to the family’s access to services. Parents and caregivers can start by accessing content, or start in 1:1 coaching with their child, or get guidance and referrals from our Coach Specialists to services in the community. Our door is open to families to dip in and out of any of these services over time, as we recognize that they may need different kinds of support at different times.

Both! Brightline is the name of our whole company. BrightLife Kids is the name for the set of services created in partnership with CalHOPE and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and available to children and families in the State of California. .

Yes and yes. All of our 1:1 coaching is conducted largely by video and chat, and in some cases by phone. We’ve found that kids often feel more relaxed and open to sharing from the comfort and privacy of their home. It’s not only more private, it isconvenient andhighly effective. A recent survey showed that 85% of parents who used virtual behavioral health services said their child benefited from care.

Our goal from the start is to get your child the right care, right away. To do that, we ask you a brief set of questions to better understand what is going on with your child and what you need help with. Those questions — and your answers — help us provide guidance on what might be the best starting point for care given your child’s unique needs or your concerns.

For many kids, coaching will be the right first step. BrightLife Kids offers live, 1:1 video sessions with a coach who gets to know your family over time, so there’s no starting over every session. We have a large library of articles and videos to help you learn more about how to manage common challenges that kids face at different ages and stages. And parents and caregivers can always send a secure chat to their coach anytime (day or night) to ask questions and get guidance. A coach will respond within 24 business hours.

Sometimes, a child may need a higher level of care than coaching can provide if they require close monitoring for safety reasons, have been struggling with challenges for a long time, or have more complex challenges that are significantly impacting their day to day life.

If this seems to be the case, BrightLife Kids can still help. To learn more, the family will be invited to a session with a Coach Specialist. Together you can talk about the best path forward based on your child’s unique needs. If coaching is right for them, you’ll be able to schedule a session. If not, your Coach Specialist is able to help you find high-quality therapy, psychiatry, or other specialized services in your community at a low cost.

So, whether coaching or another kind of care is right for your child, know that you don’t have to figure all of this out on your own. Everyone can come through the BrightLife Kids front door and find the help they need.

No. BrightLife Kids families do not get charged a $50 cancellation fee (or any fees!).

Coaching is focused on teaching kids and their families skills to manage concerns such as sleep issues, worry, tantrums, and more. Coaching is done via 30-minute sessions with a goal of helping kids learn to express big feelings in healthy ways, develop day-to-day skills, and understand themselves. Coaching with BrightLife Kids is 100% free.

Therapy is recommended when the child is experiencing more complex challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other concerns that are significantly impacting their functioning in daily life and/or are creating safety issues. Therapists can diagnose and treat these concerns in a safe and supportive environment, helping kids and their families learn to manage these concerns effectively. Finally, therapists can refer members to psychiatric services if medication is needed. Therapy is not part of the free BrightLife Kids coaching program.

Yes. We have coaches specifically trained to support families who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Coaching helps with typical challenges and behaviors related to ASD (e.g., reading social cues, communication, and transitions). And our library of articles and on-demand resources helps parents and caregivers find answers to questions about ASD (e.g., treatment options and sleep challenges) both pre- and post-diagnosis.

Yes, when written permission from a parent or caregiver is on file, our coaches are able to share information about a student/child as it relates to helping coordinate care with other important people in the child’s life, like pediatricians or school counselors, teachers, or aides. The coach can also help write letters to your child’s teacher or counselor to ask about setting up a support framework at school, connect with school staff via phone, provide care option summaries, etc. Depending on the unique needs of the child, the communication might happen once, or it could be ongoing.

If a parent or caregiver wants this kind of communication to occur, they can ask their child’s coach or Member Support for a Release of Information form. They will need to indicate what information can be shared, list who should receive that information, and sign and return the form to their child’s coach. The parent or caregiver can withdraw permission at any time by contacting their child’s coach or a Member Support representative.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled between 9am–8pm PST. Chat messages can be sent anytime and coaches will respond within one business day.